Why use us?

Cost effective

$695 to list and 0.3% of the sale price if you sell.

Safe and Secure

Fully Licensed and insured corporate

All bidders identities are verification

Bidders required to provide $2,000 surety to bid

All listing by licensed Agents or Commercial users (Developers, Liquidators) only

Appealing to more Buyers

Transparency and convenience will attract more buyers

24/7 ease of use

Online opens your property to a wider audience, interstate and overseas

Easy To Use

Agents list on your behalf and manage the listing

Your Agent integrates the listing into your marketing campaign

More Control

Reduce your reserve at any time

The OBC is randomly calculated within range of your reserve to protect it

You determine when you want bidding to commence (allowing time for marketing)

You can ACCEPT ANY CURRENT BID within 24hrs of it being made

The next minimum bid required increasing each hour, to encourage early and fast bidding

Best Result

Auction runs until all bidding is exhausted, at the highest possible price

Your reserve is NEVER disclosed, so there is no artificial ceiling on the potential price

Buyers have time to properly consider increasing their bid

Dynamic and Meaningful Information

Know how many people are watching your property at any time

Improved flow of bids, meaning you can immediately gauge demand

No need to wait until minutes before a defined end date to discover where buyers are at, there is now bidding activity from the start!

See the number of registered bidders, people watching and interest in your property

How to use us?

Please speak to your preferred Agent about listing on Exchangehouse or contact our office if you would like to further discuss the sale of your property.