Why use us?

Easy and Convenient

All property activity is online and available 24/7

Our dynamic e-dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of a project

Research, Buy and Transact all online


All properties are reserved before bidding commences

Price guides are an accurate reflection of the reserve price

Reserve cannot be increased


Use the price guide to determine which properties interest you

Make Offers, Express Interest, Tender for properties all via our e-dashboard

All bids are binding and can be accepted (unless you are outbid)

Register to bid on whichever properties interest you via our e-dashboard

Secure Environment

Strict ID compliance and verification

Constant monitoring and profiling of all activity

Fully licensed and insured platform

How to use us?

  • Join Us

    This will allow you to watch properties and register to bid on them.

  • Watch List

    Tag properties you like and you will be alerted to all activity on it.

  • Register to Bid

    • Provide some further information including ID.
    • Provide a $1,000 bidders bond.
    • Easy, fast and secure, all done in a few minutes.
  • Place Bids

    • Commences by bidding the opening bid call.
    • All bid are binding.
    • The minimum next bid slightly increases every hour to encourage timely bidding.
  • The Result

    Bidding ends one of 3 ways;

    1. Current Bid is accepted within 24 hours of it being placed.
    2. Current Bid sits for full 24 hours, at/above reserve, property is sold!
    3. Current Bid sits for full 24 hours, below reserve, property passes in.
  • Exchange of Contract

    • ExchangeHouse signs the contract of sale on your behalf immediately.
    • You pay the required deposit to the Agent within 48 hours.
    • Your $1,000 bidders bond is refunded once the deposit is paid.