Why use us?

Cost Effective

$695 to list and 0.3% of the sale price if you sell.

Insight Into The Market

Know precisely the number of people watching your listings.

Know who has registered to bid before bidding commences.

Easy To Use

Simply Apply to List.

Begin listing after your Agency details are confirmed.

Easily integrated into the marketing campaign.

Same as listing on marketing portals.

Less Work For You

Exchangehouse conducts all registrations to bid.

We affect exchange of contracts on behalf of both the buyer and seller.

Agent with a Point of Difference

Tech driven, online, available 24/7.

Aligned with other consumers experiences.

Your difference in a generic marketplace.

Get More Listings

Get the best price for vendors by buyers having sufficient time to increase bids.

Have time to engage with buyers during bidding.

Give vendors 24 hours to consider full market price before auction closes.

How to use us?